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Frequently Asked Questions

It is quick and easy to list your business on Primo Nigeria. Your business may not appear on the site right away as it could take up to 48 hours for our database to update, and you will be notified when your listing is live on Primo Nigeria. Don't forget to add content to your listing including a description, images, deals etc. Do make sure that you utilise all member features available to you (the ones you need). You can find these features at the left hand side bar of your Account Dashboard.
If your business is already on Primo Nigeria but you haven't claimed it yet, click on "Claim Listing Tab" in the left-hand corner of your Account Dashboard.
We have a wide range of advertising products to make your business stand out and help you reach a wider audience. Read about our different advertising products to help you decide on the best solution for your business at the footer section: 'Other Services or Banner Advertisement', or contact Primo Nigeria sales representative to find out more.
To add or edit content on your listing, login and update your listing in your Account Dashboard section found on the left-hand side after you login to your account. If your business is already on Primo Nigeria but you haven't claimed it yet, click on "Claim Listing Tab" in the left-hand corner of your account.
Basic and Pro business listings will only appear in searches for the city, town, postcode in which your business is physically located. If you need wider reach, you can purchase our Premium Listing advertising plan for any additional locations you cover. Read and review our pricing plans and our different advertising products to help you decide on the best solution for your business, or contact Primo Nigeria sales representative to find out more.
The business name should be just that, your registered name, sole trader name or domain name. It needs to be in title case (which in most instances means each word starts with a capital and the rest of the word is lowercase) for easy readability and can include extra descriptions. A business can only have one Priority, Premium or Free listing per business. You can only purchase a Premium or Basic listing under another physical location if you have an office, franchise or place of operation in that location. Proof may be required. Our Premium Plan offers a Sub Account: For members that have multiple physical locations and want to create and control accounts for each of the independent locations, Sub Accounts is the perfect solution. Examples include a restaurant chain that has multiple locations, a corporation that has multiple office, or a bank that has multiple branches. Sub accounts are treated as completely independent accounts on the site, meaning they can make their own member feature posts (events, videos, classifieds, etc) and will appear in search results as its own independent listing. Sub Accounts can provide significant differentiation between membership levels at different price points - allowing members at a premium membership level to create and control multiple members at once can add a lot of value for your members. Each listing requires a business name, physical address (no P O Boxes) and phone number.. If you are an online business we will need your head office address. If you don't want to display your address it can be suppressed to a City or Town. If you want to market beyond your physical address you can purchase a Premium listing plan.
Consumers like to hear what other people think of a business before using it, and they like to spread the word about their own experiences. Businesses have always relied on this kind of word-of-mouth to get new customers; the only difference today is that it happens online. Ratings and reviews allow consumers to give businesses feedback, letting them know if they like what they are doing and giving businesses a chance to respond with a comment. However, we have allowed our premium members to review and report dishonest or unfair reviews before it's published.
Yes. If you have a business already listed on Primo Nigeria, you will receive email alerts whenever a new review about your business is submitted. If your business isn't listed on Primo Nigeria, list your business for free today.
Yes, we may moderate reviews and comments before it's published.
It's impossible to keep all customers happy at all times, so here are some tips for dealing with negative reviews: If you want to respond to the reviewer, add a comment under their review. Encourage other clients to review your business. Lots of good reviews will quickly outweigh a poor/negative reviews. Your most recent reviews appear first, so any older reviews will be pushed towards the bottom of the page.
Yes. Go to our 'Contact Us Page' to report inappropriate or unfair reviews.
If you are already managing the business listing, log in to your Account Dashboard and click 'Remove Listing'.
Whether you are taking over a business/organisation, or selling your business or organisation listed on Primo Nigeria, get in touch with us, contact us at the 'Contact Us Page' and we will help make the changes. If you are taking over a business, it's a good idea to add a line to the description to indicate the business is under new management, and you might want to address any reviews with comments too, if appropriate.
We'd love to hear from you if you find we are missing a business or an organisation . If you're not the business owner, suggest a business at out 'Contact Us Page'. If you are the business owner, list your business on Primo Nigeria today.
Flag any duplicate listings by contacting us and we will remove them as soon as possible.
Signing up to Primo Nigeria only takes a minute and allows you to add your business profile and write reviews about any business you've used. Sign up now or simply log in if you are already registered. If you want to add your business to Primo Nigeria, list your business for free today.
You can write a review on any business you've used on Primo Nigeria. To write a review about a business you have previously interacted with, click on that business profile and write a review by clicking the 'Write a Review Tab' on the business profile.
Don't worry; it happens to the best of us. You can reset your password by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen, you can also find it at the website footer.
All these details can be changed from your Account Dashboard once you login. Just click on 'Edit profile' from the options visible when you hover on your username.
Any visitor to Primo Nigeria.com can read your reviews; view your profile and your profile picture are viewable publicly. Your contact information you supplied, will be displayed to visitors to Primo Nigeria.com.
Primo Nigeria respects your privacy and will not give, sell, trade or share any of your personal information to any third parties. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

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