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Print Posted by Nigeria custom service Tokunbo new and used cars on 10/08/2017

Custom Auction Tokunbo Used Honda accord crosstour for sale – ₦400,000.00


NIGERIA CUSTOM AUCTION CARS 2017/2018 CARS NOW. These are vehicles siezed by the fedral goverment that is now approved for auctions for cheaper and affordable rate with full custom duty/Papers with buyers details. Our delivery is world-wide to your door step.  ALSO DO SHIPPING OF GOODS. CONTACT OUR OFFICE FOR A REQUEST OF PURCHASING ANY OF YOUR OUR GOODS OR IF INTERESTED OF SHIPPING ANY OF YOUR GOOD. CONTACT: +2349030687145 OR EMAIL: Auctionexportz@gmail.com . TO PLACE YOUR ORDER !!! WE SELL ALL KINDS OF TOKUNBO CARS/CARS FROM UK, GHANA, KOTONU , ALGERIA, US. HEAR ARE SOME LIST OF USED CARS AVAILABLE FOR CHEAPER AND AFFORDABLE PRICE. NEW ONCE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AND A STANDARD DELIVERY TO WERE EVER YOU ARE. OFFICE 2025A SEME BADAGRY LAGOS. TOYOTA HIGH LANDER 2003– 2012 (N400,000) HONDA CRV 2000 – 2009 (N350,000) TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 – 2006 (N300,000) TOYOTA MATRIX 2005 – 2010 (N350,000) TOYOTA ALVALLON 2004 (N350,000) Acura MDX N500,000 Acura TL N400,000 Acura ZDX N700,000 Audi A4 N550,000 Audi A6 N400,000 BMW 3- Series N650,000 BMW 5-Series N450,000BMW X5 N750,000 BMW X6 N550,000 Ford Escape N600,000 Ford Explorer N500,000 Honda Accord N350,000 Honda City N250,000 Honda Civic N300,000 Honda Crosstour N450,000 Honda CR-V N550,000 Honda Odyssey N650,000 Honda Pilot N850,000 Hyundai Accent N550,000 Hyundai Elantra N350,000 Infiniti FX35 N650,000Infiniti FX45 N700,000 Infiniti QX4 N800,000 Isuzu Trooper N550,000 Jaguar S-Type N300,000 Jeep Liberty N700,000 Kia Sorento N550,000 Land Rover Discovery N800,000 Land Rover Freelander N700,000 Land Rover LR3 N600,000 Land Rover LR4 N550,000 Land Rover Range Rover N500,000 Land Rover N400,000 RangeRover Sport N800,000 Land Rover Vogue N850,000 Lexus GS N800,000 Lexus GX460 N600,000 Lexus GX470 N500,000 Lexus LX 570 N450,000 Lexus RX 300 N450,000 Lexus RX 330 N450,000 Lexus RX 350 N400,000 Mazda 6 N300,000 Mazda 626 N350,000 Mazda MPV N380,000 Mazda Tribute N500,000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class N400,000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class N500,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class N300,000 Mercedes-Benz GLK N200,000 Mercedes-Benz ML N200,000 Mitsubishi Endeavour N350,000 Nissan Altima N300,000 Nissan Armada N450,000 Nissan Maxima N250,000 Nissan Murano N500,000 Nissan Pathfinder N400,000 Nissan Primera N200,000 NissanQuest N500,000 Nissan Sentra N450,000 Nissan Xterra N400,000 Peugeot 406 N300,000 Peugeot 407 N200,000 Peugeot 607 N300,000 Toyota 4Runner N450,000 Toyota Avalon N400,000 Toyota Avensis N380,000 Toyota Camry N350,000 Toyota Camry 2.2 N200,000 Toyota Corolla N300,000 Toyota FJ Cruiser N650,000 ToyotaHiace N550,000 Toyota Highlander N400,000 Toyota HiLux N500,000 Toyota Matrix N350,000 Toyota Prado N400,000 Toyota Rav4 N300,000 Toyota Sequoia N350,000 Toyota Sienna N320,000 Toyota Tacoma N300,000 Toyota Tundra N650,000 Toyota Venza N400,000 Toyota Yaris N350,000 Volkswagen Beetle N200,000 Volkswagen Golf N140,000 Volkswagen Jetta N180,000 Volkswagen Passat N200,000 Volkswagen Touareg N280,000 NISSAN XTERA 2002 (N400,000) HONDA ACCORD 2003 (N300,000) HONDA ACCORD 2004 (N330,000) HONDA ACCORD 2009 (N380,000) TOYOTA COROLLA 2012 (450,000) TINY LIGHT TOYOTA CAMRY (N300,000) CALL OUR OFFICE LINE  ON +2347019388526 /+2349030687145

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Price ₦400,000
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Ikeja, Nigeria

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